Cookie Policy

Cookies' general definition

In simple terms, cookies are pieces of personal data about our Web activity, which can be stored on the user's laptop or computer. When a person enters the web, their browsing software collects and saves information about that visit.

Cookies are quite helpful for us; we can improve the web-site based on the clients’ needs. They help enhance the quality of your experience, for instance, enable you to be in the system for as long as you require or make the navigation more easy-to-use.

Any choices regarding removing or disabling cookies are only made by you. If for whatever reason you need off, it's very easy to make this happen. But, switching the files off might result in a limited functionality of our site.

Types of cookies

We work with session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored only when your browser is active. One of their features is to keep all the information about your recent activity. Persistent (but they also might be known as permanent) cookies are stored even after the web browser is not open.

Why we need these files

The website’s order form functionality relies on cookies. You won't have the ability to place an order keeping them turned off. So general cookies' functions are:

  • tracking the process of the order
  • monitoring the users’ login status
  • watching the usage of our anti-plagiarism program
  • allowing consumer support via Live Chat
  • checking users' activity by using Google Analytics

About third parties

Cookies are also utilized if clients make transactions to pay for our work. We don’t share your personal data with any organizations that don’t take part in the process of making the order, doing the tasks and delivering the paper.

Cookies management

If you either turn off or erase cookies, there's a high chance that we will not be able to guarantee the full availability of all web-site’s functions. However, for those who actually plan to block or delete them, you'll be able to do it through your web browser settings. You need to look for the help section in your internet browser menu which can give you all the steps you should do.